Q:  Isn’t taking methadone or Suboxone © just substituting one drug for another?

A:  No.  When prescribed at the appropriate level, these approved medications block the euphoric effects of opiates and relieve the symptoms associated with withdrawal and the craving for opiates.  The goal is to provide symptom relief without euphoria and to create stability in the person’s life so that the personal issues and behaviors contributing to his/her addiction can be addressed.  As an individual becomes more stable in his/her recovery, the issue of physical dependence and withdrawal can be addressed as part of the treatment plan.

Q:  Is counseling necessary?

​A:  Yes.  While medication is helpful in eliminating symptoms of withdrawal and craving, it does not change the behaviors or issues that contributed to the addiction.  Counseling is a key component of the treatment program.

Q:  How do I connect to a video counseling session (TeleMed) 

A:  click on this link and follow instructions - Client Video Conf Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions