Addiction Treatment Services

Outpatient Counseling

The NMSAS Recovery Center offers counseling services to assist individuals seeking recovery.  The type and frequency of counseling sessions depends on each individual’s needs.  The NMSAS Recovery Center is aware that needs change and works with each individual to make sure that the services are appropriate for his/her recovery.  Counseling services are provided by Master’s level counselors who offer individual, family and group counseling in a professional and caring manner. 

Case Management Services

The NMSAS Recovery Center recognizes that the lack of transportation, housing, appropriate healthcare or employment can be challenges to an individual’s recovery.  As part of ongoing service, assistance is provided to help individuals identify and secure needed resources.  The NMSAS Recovery Center assures strong communication and coordination of care with other community agencies and services to support an individual’s recovery. 

Medication Assisted Treatment 

The NMSAS Recovery Center has available medication assisted treatment for Opiate Dependence utilizing methadone, buprenorphine (Suboxone ©) and

Zubsolv ©) and naltrexone.  The NMSAS Recovery Center’s Medical Director meets with individuals meeting criteria for medication assisted treatment to

conduct an evaluation and to discuss medication options.  Individuals receiving medication assisted treatment receive daily nursing support.

Medication Assisted Treatment – Specialty Care for Women who are Pregnant

The NMSAS Recovery Center provides care for women who are pregnant and in need of medication assisted treatment.  The staff work with each woman to assure that she is connected with appropriate pre-natal care and other needed supports for a healthy pregnancy and delivery.